At Nacht is a Music Festival in Amsterdam, in collaboration with Mezrab.

8 hours of nonstop music
Funk/Groove/Reggae/Afrobeat/Soul Sounds
Live bands & DJ’s

Purpose of the Festival
– Create an international platform for musicians to meet each other in Amsterdam
– Create a network of musicians in Amsterdam
– Give upcoming bands opportunity to play on a stage
– Give musicians opportunity to have international connections in music
– Give people opportunity to enjoy music and dance in Amsterdam
– Create a platform to meet others with same or different cultural and social backgrounds
– Create positive multicultural memories of togetherness in Amsterdam

More information about Nacht.Festival @ Mezrab

Menorca pReserve

Art for pro-environmental behavior

The Menorca pReserve project uses art to draw attention on nature. The aim is to increase environmental awareness, encourage humans to approach nature with respect and develop pro-environmental behavior.

Why Menorca pReserve? 

We believe the Menorcan Biosphere to be one of the most precious in Europe. But unfortunately, with the increase of tourism, it came under pressure and is endangered (Balearic Islands Tourism Board, 2017 ; Ruiz Altaba & Ponsell, 2001). This is why, at CBS, we wishe to contribute to the preservation of this treasure.  

We want to create a counterbalance to the impact humans have on the territory (especially in summer season) by giving the biosphere a voice and increase environmental awareness.

Our expectation is that this will give rise to pro-environmental behavior, which could help reduce the impact the humans have on the ecosystem. 

As stated by the Balearic Islands Tourism Board (2017), one of the aims for tourism development in the coming years is related to environmental sustainability. Menorca pReserve responds to this by both offering an opening to new touristic interests (related to art and nature) and by making merchandise promoting eco-tourism.

Tourists and inhabitants can help support the Menorca Biosfere Reserve by buying the merchandise (a percentage of the sales will be donated to local conservation biology and other sustainability projects). In exchange they get a uniquely designed product and a chance to contribute to Menorca’s nature conservation.

Do you want to know more about the project? Read it here!

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